Deep solar- in ground geothermal heat pump system

What is the current market?

Despite the drop in the housing market, Shipments of geothermal heat pumps tripled from 2003 - 2009

Table GSHP shipments, housing starts

The total revenue for shipments of geothermal heat pumps was $319.5 million
in 2009, rated capacity totaled 407,093 tons for an average price of $2767 per
unit, or $785 per ton, (avg unit size 3.5 tons)

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), Form EIA-902, "Annual Geothermal Heat Pump Manufacturers Survey."

Pike Research’s report, “Geothermal Heat Pumps and Direct Use”, predicts Geothermal
Heat Pump Shipments to Double in Volume to 326,000 Units Annually in the United
States by 2017

Source: -to-double-in-volume-to-326000-units-annually-in-the-united-states-by-2017

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